A weird day of firsts

I had a rather interesting day today. Unusually exciting for me no less. This isn’t my usual type of post, but then I thought why do I have to have a usual? 

I started off the day by having to leave my baby for the first time ever (insert sadness here). She of course was in good hands with her Daddy but it didn’t make it any easier. Once I got out of our driveway, which took me about 5 tries because of the amount of snow we have, all I could think about is things that could happen without me home. Silly things that would never happen, that your mind makes up and convinces you maybe possibly could take place. 

I then went and paid to be tortured by the dentist and got two of the four crowns I need. This is my first time getting a crown and hopefully after the next 2 will be my last for awhile. I’ve somehow gone through 2 pregnancies without seeing the dentist and at this moment, with aching gums, I do regret it. Like New Years resolutions I always have high hopes of seeing the dentist twice a year, but also like New Years resolutions it doesn’t happen. 

Once I got home and saw that none of the crazy things I worked up in my mind had gone on, I sat down with Zach and we picked up from where we left off on Gillmore Girls. We’ve been binge watching that show for awhile now and finally got down to the last few episodes. After 7 seasons with 22 episodes in each one that are 42 min long this was a long time coming. 

Isabella then fell asleep so I ran into the kitchen to make myself a salad. I got distracted by the crockpot that had been soaking for a few days. Way longer then I intended, but when you have a baby you know things get put off. I poured out the water and heard a thump in the sink. The lights over me weren’t on so I couldn’t tell what it was. I figured it was a spoon or spatula or something. I contemplated grabbing it but had a feeling that I should see what it was first. I switched on the light and walked back to the sink. Cue my reaction: 


In the sink, quite dead and stiff, was the mouse that had been tormenting us for a few days. Late at night we would hear it in the kitchen scurrying along with its gross little face and gross little feet. Secretly we hoped a community of fraggles had taken up home in our walls and the noises we heard were only them having one of their famous get togethers. That obviously wasn’t the case. Zach had set up sticky traps to catch the mouse but guess the little guy decided to go for a swim instead. Now we had a dilemma because someone had to get him out of the drain so her or him didn’t fall into the garbage disposal. Zach was sleeping in the other room so I woke him up with the disgusting news. After thinking for awhile about what to do we decided he would grab it with some tongs, then the tongs and the mouse would go in the trash. I stood back with my hair pulled over my eyes because I couldn’t risk seeing it again for fear I would vomit. It was also decided the crock pot had to go. Mom I apologize if you are reading this. I know its wasteful but even after a good bleaching I would still feel like I was eating mouse. 

Shortly after the mouse fiasco, Zach and I sat down and finally finished our long run of the Gilmore Girls. I ate my dinner without nursing a baby for the first time in a long time and finished it off with a bowl of ice cream. Interesting day, but a good day it was. 

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  1. Randi

    December 23, 2016 at 9:25 am

    Yiickkkkkk! I hate mice! We just had a similar situation. I came to bed and as I’m getting comfortable, I hear something scurry up my curtains!! I slept on the couch, shane slept in the bedroom with 6 mouse traps, and we found it dead (I’m assuming from a heart attack lol) under our bed the next day. So. Grroooooooossssssssss.

    1. Crystal S

      December 23, 2016 at 9:19 pm

      Oh man!! Under your bed?! I still don’t know how such a small animal can cause so much fear in humans but they do!!

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