2nd Christmas Without our Angel 

It’s been twice now that we’ve watched the spring flowers grow and the blossoms bloom on the trees, their sweet scent blowing through the air. The humidity and heat from summer has passed us twice. We’ve watched the leaves on the trees change into beautiful vibrate colors and drop to the ground. Twice have the ghouls come out to play. And now, we have seen the first snow fall and experienced our 2nd Christmas without our beautiful Averie.

This second Christmas has been kinder to us then the first, I will admit to that but I know that our family does not feel complete. We are missing one key member after all. With each season, each holiday, each and every day we are reminded of that, and it still stings like the day she left us. 

My heart is with my dear friends that are experiencing their first Christmases without their little ones. I hope that they can feel some peace. And above all, know that they are not alone. 

Our beautiful Averie, you are so missed, and beyond loved. I feel blessed that everyday I get to see you in your Daddy or your little sister. To our sweet perfect beautiful angel, Merry Christmas ❤

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