Honoring Loss Moms – Liz’s Story

Shortly after Averie passed away this amazing Momma connected with me on Facebook. Liz has been such a great friend through this journey and I’m so grateful for the support and love she’s shown me. I’m so glad she agreed to be highlighted so I could share her with all of you!!

Name– Elizabeth Henry

Angel baby name– Rhyland Jerald Henry

Type of loss – Full term Placenta Abruption

Home state– I am from Idaho but have been living in Utah for almost ten years.

Best advice you’ve received– Treat others how you want to be treated.

Favorite place you’ve ever visited– I don’t really have a favorite but anywhere that my family is.

Biggest accomplishment– Having my four beautiful babies.

Ways you honor your angel– I honor Rhyland by talking openly about him to anyone who will listen. I also donate necklaces to the local hospitals to be given to other families who are experiencing the loss of their child.

Describe yourself in 4 words– Sensitive, kind hearted, honest, and loving.

What food you’ve never tried and why– Seafood. The smell and texture is the worst.

What inspires you– I am inspired by angel families and the strength that each of them have to move forward. I never wanted to be a member of this “club” but there are definitely some amazing people who belong to it and inspire me with their strength and love.

    -Rhylands Story-

January 7, 2015 was a day I will never forget. I woke up in the middle of the night experiencing some “normal pregnancy issues” or so I thought. I woke up and took a bath and then went back to bed. I woke up again still feeling that way and was convinced to call up to the hospital. They suggested that since it was my third pregnancy that I should come up to the hospital to be checked. My husband kept asking if he should leave work and come with me and I told him no, and that I was sure they were just going to send me home. I woke up my boys got them dressed and drove them to the sitter. As I was driving to the hospital I remember the pain was getting worse but somehow I made it. Once I got out of my car it felt like my water broke but when I got up to the room we found out that I was bleeding. The nurse could not find a heartbeat but left the room quietly to find the Dr who brought in an internal ultrasound. They found his heartbeat and immediately broke my water. I was on the phone with my husband and told him to head on up and we were going to have our baby. I literally hung up the phone and things got crazy, people rushing in to my room asking to look in my mouth, asking me to get on my hands and knees to help the baby as they wheeled me into the operating room for an emergency c section. I remember saying a quick prayer asking for my baby to be ok as I went to sleep. I woke up being wheeled into the recovery room and I asked the nurse for my baby and she said nothing. No one would answer me about my son so I knew that he didn’t make it. My husband was met at the front desk and escorted into a private room by the Dr’s and was told that I had lost a lot of blood and that Rhyland had passed away and was born sleeping. When he came into my room I was already crying because I knew what happened and was asking to hold my son. He brought him to me all wrapped in a beautiful blanket and I held him and sobbed. I kept asking why, why me? why my son? how? Answers that no one could give me. My husband and my best friend sat with me and then my family made it from Idaho. The time we spent with Rhyland was amazing, we held him, took pictures of him, and kissed him. I would give anything to hold him and kiss him one more time. I will live with the what ifs for the rest of my life but one thing I know for certain is he was loved so much by everyone and I will live my life remembering him and sharing his life with others. Rhyland was born at 7lbs 7oz and was perfect in every way. He looked just like his older brothers who love him and miss him in every way. We had to make choices that no parent should have to make, no parent should ever have to bury their child. I live every day thinking about him and thinking about what he would like and what he would be doing. We made the decision to try again for another baby. We got pregnant with our rainbow baby and thought it was a sign from Rhyland that it was ok to be happy and it was ok to move forward. After a very stressful pregnancy we were blessed with our rainbow Hartley Rhyan Henry on 7/1/2016. I know Rhyland was watching over us and made sure that his sister made it here safely. I will never forget him and will live my life making sure that in some way I am there to help others families experiencing this horrible loss. Rhyland is our guardian angel and we will love him here on earth until we can hold him again in heaven.

    -Connect with Liz-

Facebook – In Memory of Rhyland Jerald Henry

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