Honoring Loss Moms – Jennifer’s Story

As much as I love being able to share these women and their stories to everyone it saddens me so much that so many of us walk the same painful road, so many of us missing big pieces of our hearts. Once again we honor another beautiful amazing loss Mom today. Read all about Jennifer and her precious Isaac below.

Name– Jennifer Burling

Angel baby– Isaac Sewall Burling

Type of loss– unexpectedly minutes after birth at 37wk3d, he took only one breathe

Home state– Rhode Island

Best advice you’ve received- losing a child is losing millions of moments for the rest of your life, don’t expect to “get over it” (permission to miss my son for a lifetime)

Favorite place you’ve ever visited- Grenada (I actually lived there for 3 years)

Biggest accomplishment– my children, I may have letters after my name but my children will always be my biggest accomplishment; they were not easy- they were both IVF babies and I suffer from severe cholestasis of pregnancy.

Ways you honor your angel– we have a knit bunny with wings as Isaac’s nickname was bunny, a shelf in our bedroom with all his belongings, and a beautiful burial spot at our favorite park

Describe yourself in 4 words– mom, mother, momma, mommy (4 words that many didn’t see me as until I had my rainbow- 4 beautiful words I wished to be for so long)

What food you’ve never tried and why– most meats, I’m a vegetarian

What inspires you– nature and the little things- waves lapping on the shore, the sunrise in the morning, etc

-Isaac’s Story-

Isaac Sewall Burling, “Bunny” was a longed for baby, made via IVF on Easter morning. He was born on December 9, 2015 and left to be an angel minutes after birth. He is not a tragedy that happened to us, he was and is a beautiful little boy who continues to change the world with the love he created in his short lifetime. His little sister, Evelyn, was born February 6, 2017; she is here because of Isaac.

-Connect with Jennifer-

Instagram: isaacbunny9

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