Stories from fellow loss Mom’s – Erin’s Story

Once again I am honored to share another Mother’s story. Erin is such a sweetheart and I’m so glad she reached out to me to share her story. I hope it moves you like it did me.

Name- Erin Wood

Angel baby name- Dalun Roderick Reid Wood, April 21-May 3, 2016

Type of loss- Early infant loss

Home state- Currently residing in Cincinnati, OH with my sweetheart, Brady. Grew up in Georgetown, IN on the sunny side of Louisville, KY by way of Jacksonville and Miami, FL

Best advice you’ve received- Remain faithful and always be gentle on yourself. Do not allow anger to take over your grief and consume you and make you lose control. Take the anger and place it into doing good works.

Favorite place you’ve ever visited- Disney World, without a doubt. Been going there since I was little. Really is the happiest place on Earth.

Biggest accomplishment- becoming a mommy to my angel Dalun and completing nursing school.

Ways you honor your angel/angels- My husband and I speak his name and share his story, we spent the first year of his life every month taking our Dalun bear and doing some sort of activity in his memory. We went to Disney, hiked, took part in memory walks, among many of things. We had a birthday party with all our family and friends celebrating our boy. It was incredible. We also donated a rocking chair to our church nursery in his honor.

Describe yourself in 4 words- Compassionate, Loving, Selfless, Brave

What food you’ve never tried and why- I can’t think of anything that I have not tried, but I have a strong hatred for mushrooms. Something about them makes my skin crawl. Other than that I feel I am pretty adventurous in trying new things.

What inspires you- My son and my husband. Without them I’d be lost. I don’t know how I have gone the last year with my heart still beating while Dalun’s does not, but I know it is because I have my sweet husband by my side. Also my faith plays a big role in keeping me walking along this grief journey.

Dalun’s Story

Where can I begin to explain my loss story. Dalun was a huge surprise to us. We hadn’t been planning, but at the same time hadn’t been preventing. I still remember telling Brady I was pregnant. We had just had a conversation months ago that he didn’t see himself having children…oops! But as soon as I told him we were both so excited. We were definitely blissful and guarded at the same time. I personally knew someone I went to school with that experienced a stillbirth so I had a lot of anxiety but pushed through because I didn’t think that would happen to me. At 35 weeks I was hospitalized for pre eclampsia and was induced at 37+4 days. On April 21, Dalun made his appearance at 7:25pm by emergency Caesarian. He went bradycardic and was actually born without his heart beating. After performing CPR for 17 minutes we knew Dalun was not okay. He was formally diagnosed with Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy or HIE for short. He was rushed by ambulance to Cincinnati Childrens where he spent 72 hours hooked to EEG and a cooling process to help with the swelling on his brain and to prevent any further damage. We later learned by his medical team that Dalun had severe Cerbral Palsy and possibly wouldn’t live once he was extubated. Brady and I decided that we wouldn’t try to be heroes in saving Dalun, that we would allow him to make the call. After signing a DNR they extubated him and he lived for 12 days total fighting the whole time. We later learned he developed pneumonia and wouldn’t be able to get better from it. We decided then to take him home under hospice care where we could hold him, love him, and snuggle him without machines and monitors holding us back. Dalun passed away surrounded by his family on May 3, 2016. We celebrated his life on May 7, and Brady and I actually got married the same day as a way to remember the day with joy. Dalun is loved and wanted by so many people and has left an incredible lasting impact on those that have crossed his path.

Connect with Erin

Blog:  Dreaming of Dalun
Instagram: @daluns_mom421
Facebook: Erin Wood

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