Stories from fellow loss Mom’s – Ashlee’s Story

Today is actually a very special day for this sweet Momma. While I was putting her on the calendar I looked at the date, July 13th, and thought to myself “I wonder if this day is significant to her?”. I am not sure why I thought that but after emailing Ashlee to tell her what day I would be posting her story she told me today is her daughters original due date. I instantly got chills. I can’t think of a better day to share this amazing Mother and her beautiful little girl’s story.

Name-Ashlee Brooke Claytor

Angel baby -Baylinn Collins Claytor
Type of loss- pulmonary hemorrhage due to open ductile valve 2 days after birth.
Home state- South Carolina
Best advice that you’re ever received- We had a photographer at the hospital that came from Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep to do photos our sweet Baylinn and us right after she passed. They were the most beautiful photos. Our family is blessed that we were told about them and were able to take advantage of their services.
Favorite place to visit – Bahamas when I was younger I went it was so beautiful.  My husband and I love Gatlinburg TN
Biggest accomplishment – Having two beautiful children. Even  if my daughter only lived two days and my 14 yr old son Lawson . I always wanted a boy and girl. Cherish the time with your children and don’t take it for granted.
Ways we honor Baylinn – We actually took a little of her ashes and planted them in a rose bush and made a memorial garden. We also all got a little ash for some jewelry. My necklace is angle wings I wear everywhere I go. Had her foot prints lasered on a bracelet also. We will be doing a walk in Baylinn’s name in November, March of dimes Gamecocks for babies. Also a bake sales for fundraising for her for walk. We are wanting a Molly bear too , we hope to get one soon.
Describe myself in 4 words- creative, motivated, strong, and determined
What foods wever try- snails or oysters. Probably the texture or looking like slim.
What inspires me- Making people happy in general my family happy. I really love family time too. Vacations, cooking together,  playing boards games. Also my grandmother she is 86 and such kind hearted person that has also experienced child loss and lost her husband at a younger age. She is a strong Christian women.
Baylinn’s Story
 Me and my husband Brandon have been together a total of 8yrs but we didn’t get married until March 11th of 2017.  He proposed May 2016 and it was so sweet. So planning a wedding snuck up on us faster as expected.  In November I got a cold and couldn’t shake it and was so nauseous. I had my period but it was short. The next month It didn’t come at all and so we did test and it came back positive. We were shocked and happy all in one. So now not only planning a wedding we were now getting ready for a sweet baby. I was already 12 weeks when we found out we were pregnant. I  have a 14 yr old son that my husband came his life when he 6yrs old. So he practically raised him and been a great step father. Baylinn was our 1st child together. My pregnancy was going good besides the being tired and just some early morning sickness. I did fail my glucose test and had pre gestational diabetes and was controlling it with diet and low dose of injected insulin at night. Baylinn was a mover , she moved and started kicking earlier.  I loved feeling her move around. We would joke and say was doing gymnastics in my stomach,  a very active little girl. We were so excited to find out she was doing good through all the ultrasounds and all the tests came back normal. I was having to go every week and get McKenna shots because I was over 35 for pre term which they are suppose to reduce. We had purchased a beautiful grey crib for the nursery. Baylinn’s nursery was going to be pink and gray elephant’s. We had went buy buy baby and did our register and got that out of way. I had some cute clothes already for Baylinn even matching shoes. My husband went and bought all pink baby items before we found out her sex. We had picked out paint for her nursery at Lowes , and got a baby monitor. At 6 months I noticed some swelling in my feet and hands going numb, and told my doctor. They checked my bp and urine both were normal. Within a couple days it got worse I had went into work and didn’t feel good. Called the doctor and they told me have my blood pressure checked, it was 178/99. That’s when they told me to go the Mac center of ER. March 29th I was admitted into Lexington medical hospital where they put baby monitors on me. Basically I was told I had  preeclampsia and high amount of protein in my urine. I stayed two days until I was transferred to Richland memorial because they said if they had to deliver Baylinn early that was a better equipped NICU for her. They were giving me medicine to try and control my bp and my kidneys were starting to function a little slow. Baylinn at this point was doing fine as they could tell. I was on baby monitor Friday and Saturday all day and then they came in told me my I was in the Helpsydrome. My organs was starting to not function correctly and platelets drop to 77 and they were going to do an emergency c-section. We were terrified because of me being 25 weeks and 3 days. I woke up from surgery with my husband there and him showing a picture of Baylinn. She was doing good and she was the most beautiful little girl  I had ever seen. She was born weighing 1lb 4.8oz and 12.5 inches long.  She had big feet they were so cute . Her skin color was a beautiful color and she was micro premature but looked more developed than we thought. I got to see her the second day due to the c-section and my health.  She was so pretty with so much hair with her being that early. When I was talking to her she was just wiggle around her eyes were still fused but it looked like she was trying to open them. I called her my boo boo she recognized my voice.  The nurse us was on low settings she was fine. That early morning of April 4th the phone rings in my hospital room , it was the NICU telling us we need come now Baylinn was having trouble that morning.  We got up there and there was all the doctors around her working on her . I was in a wheelchair and tried standing up to see her.  One of the doctors approached us and said Baylinn had started to hemorrhage and they couldn’t stop it.  They asked me if we wanted them to keep trying I said yes please help her. My husband asked how long had they been working on her, it was 20 mins and there was nothing else working. Baylinn had open ductile valve and the hemorrhage came fast that they couldn’t control or stop the bleeding. It was called a pulmonary hemorrhage. Baylinn passed at 7:50am  that morning and there was nothing we could have done, we had just to watch helpless. I held her right after they unhooked her from every thing. They put us in a private room and i rocked her and sang you are my sunshine. She was so innocent looking and peaceful,  she smelled like oranges so sweet. We had her baptized from the hospital chaplain, he had a small shell he put in water and placed over her head. I wanted to stay in there with Baylinn all day. They came and got her to clean her and bring her back to my room where we did private photos with our family.  Baylinn’s skin was so soft and I held her little finger and feet. She had little dress on and little beanie on her head. We all held her and said our good byes
Baylinn was only here with us two days but in those two days everyone that got to meet her instantly fell in love with her. We are still and will always wonder why. This has been the worst thing we ever been through. We think of Baylinn every day and will never stop loving her. She was our beautiful little girl.