Blending In

The cruelest part about losing someone you love is that the world continues to rotate, the days still turn into night and begin again the next day. Time keeps going and passes you by. Those of us grieving blend in with the rest of the world aside from the broken hearts that still beat in our chests. We are forced to carry on each day regardless of the emptiness and sadness. We smile when we just want to cry, we laugh to hold back screaming. On the outside things may seem calm but on the inside things are often chaotic. There are times the harshness of the world is to much and blending in isn’t realistic anymore. Something you dealt with fine prior to your loss is just to much and you..just…break. The smiles fade and the tears come. Screams break through where our laughter once was. Then, despite our pleas the sun sets then rises. We put ourselves back together, put on our smiles and blend in once again.   


2 thoughts on “Blending In

  1. Perfectly written. I know so many people, including myself that feel that pain, in obvious different ways. Keep inspiring, you are making a huge difference in people’s lives. I’m truly blessed, to have such an amazing, strong, brilliant, courageous woman, I get to call my sister and friend. I love you so much Crystal


    1. Ah thank you sister I love you too and feel the same about you. So glad we have each other!Actually when I was writing this I thought about you and how it can relate in so many ways to other people. Anyone that is broken, hurting etc feels like they have to blend in daily. The reality is every person you come in contact with at one point has felt this way.


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