Why we put up our Christmas tree tonight

At first the thought of the holidays was a huge pit in my stomach. An inevitable pain that I wasn’t ready to deal with.  Us attempting to tackle the holidays without Averie seemed unrealistic and in a way disrespectful. I needed time to think about it. I looked online at everything to see what others had done but nothing resonated with me completely. I looked on Etsy and found an ornament for baby loss and thought I was going to buy it. And then. I. didn’t. Why? It was beautiful but in my opinion not right for us. Then I had the idea to make our own ornament and put our precious angel on our tree. I shared the idea to Zach about a week ago and he was on board. We went and got everything last night and tonight we made that idea a reality. It may seem to most not a big deal. Or in a way tacky or lame but I do not care. Since hanging this on our tree I know our baby girl will be here with us for the holidays and for every single year after this. Her younger siblings will hang her ornament up year after year each Christmas in remembrance. Remembering her fight, her life, her legacy, and above all the ultimate love we have for her.  

Zach and I put personal notes to her in the glass viles

5 thoughts on “Why we put up our Christmas tree tonight

  1. This is so beautiful. Love the ornament. Maybe I’ll do something like that someday. This year, I haven’t had the strength. We’re skipping Thanksgiving (going to NYC) and probably skipping Christmas too 😦 It feels right, yet still so wrong. I don’t know that any way will feel right to get through these first few holidays. Hugs to you.

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    1. Thank you 😊 I can understand how you feel it’s too hard trying to do this without our babies. Whatever you guys decide to do is exactly what you should do. I love the idea of NYC it gets you out of your house and maybe that’s exactly what you guys need. Stay strong friend, hugs to you ❤️

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