Introducing Bobby

Zach and I recently got the chance to add a new member to our little family and we jumped on it. He goes by Bobby, Ricky Bobby, Puggy, Pug, Pig (he sounds like one) and sometimes Bobby Flay. Pistol our min pin has been an only dog for some time so this hasn’t been his idea of a good time but he’s warming up to Bobby on his own terms. The best thing about getting Pug is he was already trained and he adapted easily into our family. And of course who doesn’t love a face like this?? I’ve never had a pug before but quickly realized they are FULL of personality. For instance: 

-He snores so loudly at night sometimes I have to wear ear plugs to sleep. 

-He’s been known to sit on anything. Just this morning he took a seat on Zachs face. Usually it’s my laptop or arm or my favorite, one of our pillows. 

-He doesn’t understand personal space so each morning I’m greeted to a pug inches from my face, the dreaded snot bath usually follows if I don’t flee under the covers fast enough. 

-His tongue has its own personality. It’s out most of the time and sometimes it’s out for so long it dries up. 

-Treats have to either be thrown to him or given in an open hand or else you may lose fingers. I learned the hard way one day. It was like feeding a treat to a shark. 

So far we’ve had a ton of moments of laughter and if anything this little guy has brought light into out lives. And even if Pistol won’t admit it, I think he enjoys having a brother 😊 



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