Discussion: Reborn baby dolls for grief

I recently read a story regarding some woman, whom I believe is a celebrity,(never heard of her) that suffered a miscarriage and due to her grief her therapist told her to purchase a reborn baby doll. Essentially a doll that looks and feels like a newborn. Here is the article here. I discussed it a little with Zach, partly because he is a psychology major, and partly because it feels very strange to me. I found another article here where one psychologist said that these dolls are creating more of a risk and more problems then they are resolving while some psychologist feel like it could help grieving parents. I wondered if maybe these dolls were catered towards those that suffered early miscarriages and weren’t able to see their babies but some women are buying them for losses at any time. My personal opinion, this wouldn’t have helped me cope with the loss of Averie one bit but I would like to hear what other loss Moms think. 

What’s your opinion on these dolls in coping with loss?? If someone suggested you to get one or would have suggested it how did/would you feel?? 


5 thoughts on “Discussion: Reborn baby dolls for grief

  1. Personally, not for me. It’s too realistic and I don’t think I can handle having a doll that looks exactly like Theo and is supposed to mimic a baby so much.

    That said, we do have a bear my husband made at Build a Bear that’s been very comforting for us. We also have a Molly Bear, and when I need to feel Theo’s weight, that helps.

    So it’s not the idea of the Reborn dolls that isn’t for me, it’s the execution. It’s just way too similar to a real baby for me.

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    1. I agree. With the bears I think that’s a healthy way to feel comfort but with a life like baby I just see it resulting in unhealthy behavior trying to mimic having your baby. But that’s just me personally. It may work for some but not for me at all.


  2. I find it creepy. I think it would be a constant reminder of my loss, and I would never want to love a doll as much as I love Jovan. I wouldn’t want to taint the few real memories that I have of holding Jovan with new memories of holding a doll.

    I understand cuddle therapy though, I remember when I was going through tough times about 10 years ago (nothing baby related), my aunt gave me my newborn cousin to hold and cuddle and it was an incredible feeling that lifted me. But now, do I want baby cuddles from someone/something that isn’t my baby? Afraid not.

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