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When I was a child I had the best imagination. I could close my eyes and go to any place I wanted, be whoever I wanted. My imagination was my escape, and sometimes the only place I wanted to be.

Years later, I have found myself frequently visiting my imagination again. The other day I went to the place where my daughter was still breathing. I closed my eyes and away I went.

I wake up to the pitter patter of her feet in the morning, my eyes opening to her beautiful smile. Anticipating her 2nd birthday, my curly blonde hair girl is happy. She gives Mommy a kiss and gets excited to wake up Daddy from his deep slumber. She puts her hand on my shoulder as she leans over to kiss her sister. She loves her baby sister so much. I sit back, watching them interact. A proud smile appears on my face as I witness the love between my two beautiful girls.  My family is complete.

I then opened my eyes and looked around. It all felt so real. I could still feel her tiny hand  on my shoulder. For a moment I had to remind myself that wasn’t my reality. She really wasn’t here. It was just my imagination.




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