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Why I’m done with BabyCenter & Dr Google

After about the up tenth time of the same conversation with my Mother, I have realized it’s time to get rid of Baby Center. I should have done it awhile ago after the last stint they pulled, but I didn’t. 

I’ve put A LOT of pressure on myself since Isabella’s birth. As Mothers, whether our children are living or not, we put so many expectations on ourself. I’ve done it while grieving and now doing it while parenting and it’s about time I’ve. Just. Stopped. 

I can’t worry about comparing milestones my baby is doing on time or not. What I should be doing with a schedule or getting her to sleep at night. How many naps she’s supposed to take or question why I’ve chosen to use a specific lotion over another one. If you don’t watch yourself you can fall down the rabbit hole of mothering and before you know it the Mom guilt is smacking you in the face. 

I have wondered what Mother’s did hundreds of years ago? They didn’t have thousands of other women to ask to compare their children to. They used their Mothers instincts. Don’t get me wrong, I think raising children during this time has some definite advantages (vaccinations, medical advancements, etc) but I wonder how many Mothers forget about their instincts because of all the pressure from comparing their children to others. The reality is what works for some, doesn’t work for others. Everyone’s circumstances are different, and all children have their own special little personalities. 

To lots of women BabyCenter and Dr Google are good resources, and I think that is great BUT I’ve realized they haven’t done the same for me and that’s ok. Instead it’s ampt up all the mom guilt and worries that I just don’t need right now or ever. 

Isabella may be the only living child I have and I don’t want to waste these days and months worrying that I’m doing something wrong just because she goes to bed too late or she doesn’t sleep through the night yet. Am I happy, is she happy is Zach happy? That’s all I care about. She’s growing, she’s thriving and she is so so loved. That’s all that matters to me. 


6 thoughts on “Why I’m done with BabyCenter & Dr Google

  1. Ah that picture of her is so so cute! Crystal you are such an amazing mama and you should NEVER ever doubt yourself! You know what you are doing for you and your family…that’s all that matters! Love you so much!


    1. Agreed!! 🙌🏽 Life would be incredibly boring if we all did things the same way. Once I decided to stop doing the “right” way to do things and just doing it how I wanted to do things it felt tremendously liberating.


    1. I’m so glad you can relate to this, but I’m sorry you are experiencing the guilt as well! I completely understand how it gets so overwhelming with everything you should or shouldn’t be doing that it interferes with how we interact with our little ones. Once I dropped all unnecessary expectations I had put on her, me and us I’ve felt so much better!

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