Honoring Loss Moms

Honoring Loss Moms – Kristina’s Story


We have had such an amazing reaction so far with all the stories we’ve posted! So much support from everywhere has been pouring in. I’m not sure what I expected but I am blown away by all the love that has been shown!! THANK YOU on behalf off all of us loss Mom’s for showing your love and support by taking the time to read these stories!

Once again we bring you another beautiful brave loss Momma! This is her first time sharing a picture of her sweet Alonzo and we couldn’t be more honored to do it for her. Please join me in honoring and celebrating Kristina!

Name – Kristina Collazo

Angel baby name – Alonzo Emmanuel Cortina

Type of loss – My son was born sleeping at 38 weeks on April 2,2016

Home state – I live in New Jersey

Best advice you’ve received – The best advice I ever received was to be gentle with myself and my grieving. I didn’t know at the time that would be the best advice because in those beginning days and weeks I tried so hard to have control over my emotions and my life and I would fight my grief until one day I realized I need to allow myself to feel this pain rather than hiding it and fighting it. It is an ongoing battle still to this day but I heard that early on in my journey from another loss mama and it has stayed with me.

Favorite place you’ve ever visited-  My favorite place I ever visited was Disney when I was 16 years old, I mean they say it is the happiest place on Earth lol. I completely felt like a little child when I was there and would love to go back one day if I ever have a living child.

Biggest accomplishment – My biggest accomplishment was giving birth to my son. He is by far the most amazing and beautiful thing to ever happen to me. It takes alot of strength and courage to birth an angel.

Ways you honor your angel – The way I honor Alonzo is by speaking about him through the baby loss community on instagram and to those around me. By speaking of him it helps keep his memory alive. He also has been honored by my job and was gifted a stone at the St. Jude’s hospital in Tennessee. I wear his ashes around my neck every single day and have his name tattooed on my wrist. He will forever be my first born child and I will always honor him.

Describe yourself in 4 words – Myself in 4 words. Resilient, Compassionate, Strong, Brave

What food you’ve never tried and why – I love food and I am always up for trying new food but surprisingly I have never had Indian cuisine. I just never had the pleasure of trying Indian cuisine for no specific reason but I definitely want to soon!

What inspires you – What inspires me: Alonzo inspires me to be a better person, a more caring and loving and understanding person. His little life may have been brief but it has left an impact on mine for a lifetime.

Alonzo’s Story

Alonzo was born silently on April 2, 2016 at 38 weeks. As a first time carefree mom I never expected my child to die, ever! I was young and healthy so why did my baby die? What did I do? What happened? How did I make it to the finish line only for him to be ripped from my womb? I soon found out Alonzo was blessed with an extra chromosome. He had 47 chromosomes rather than the typical 46 me and you have. He was blessed with down syndrome but I had no idea my entire pregnancy. There’s not an exact reason why Alonzo died other than the fact that he had downs. Down syndrome does not define my son, he just so happens to be diagnosed with it. I was in utter shock to hear those news and so very angry! I just couldn’t believe I didn’t know sooner because maybe he would be here. I will never know why I had to give my baby back but he chose me to be his mama and that by far is the most amazing gift ever. Down syndrome is looked down on and its so very sad because Down Syndrome is beautiful and I am absolutely heartbroken I just never had the chance to be apart of that community, so instead I am apart of the baby loss community which no one wants to join but I am forever grateful to be apart of!

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3 thoughts on “Honoring Loss Moms – Kristina’s Story

  1. What a beautiful baby Alonzo is! I grieve for your loss Kristina and am so sad you didn’t get to watch your little one grow. I will keep you in my thoughts, and more importantly, I will keep sweet Alonzo is my thoughts! Hugs to you, mama!


  2. You sweet Momma. I have a daughter with Down syndrome and it was a surprise at birth with us as well. The amount of time you had with your little Alonzo doesn’t define you as a mother, YOU ARE A MOTHER, and you are ALWAYS welcome within the Down syndrome momma community. Never be afraid to share your story with any of us, we will hold you, love you, and understand your loss in a way others might not. Thank you for sharing your story!


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