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Honoring Loss Moms – Tiffany’s Story

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We are so honored to start off this next week with another amazing beautiful mother, Tiffany. Like all of the mothers that have preceded her so far, we hope her story touches your heart as it did ours.
Name– Tiffany Cunningham
Angel baby’s name– Chloe Elaine Cunningham
Type of loss–  Preterm Premature Rupture of Membranes at 22 weeks
Home state– Georgia
Best advice you’ve received– My mother encouraged me to seek professional counseling after Chloe passed. It helped me to find my voice and share my story about child loss.
Favorite place you’ve ever visited– Hawaii. Punalu’u Beach is one of the prettiest beaches that I have ever seen.
Ways you honor your angel– We honor Chloe each year on her angelversary with a birthday party. We have a cake, we get together with my other family members, eat great food, and talk about Chloe. We reflect on her life and what she meant to us. It’s a great way for my other children to connect to their sister who is not here. My sunshine was 3 when she was born and passed away so he enjoys taking our “Chloe Bear” on special outings and sharing secrets with her.
Describe yourself in 4 words– Strong, Determined, Survivor, Mother
What food you’ve never tried and why– I cannot think of any food that I am not willing to at least try. I believe in trying foods on at least two separate occasions before deciding that it is a food that I dislike.
What inspires you– I am inspired by my children. My sunshine, angel, and rainbow are all depending on me to make this world a better place for them. So I do it by advocating for them. Chloe inspires me to speak her name and share our journey. My husband inspires me being supportive and understanding when I randomly cry after watching a commercial, or I get bent out of shape because I can’t find another pink bow for my daughters hair. He understands that child loss has changed how I parent my children and he inspired me to start a blog, Facebook page, and Instagram page. My parents inspire me and I’m thankful for their constant support and prayers.
-Chloe’s Story- 

In August of 2014 we found out that we were expecting our second child and we were excited to expand our family. We later found out that the baby we were expecting was a girl. We knew that if we ever had a daughter, her name would be Chloe. Everything changed on December 12, 2014. I was exactly 22 weeks pregnant when my water broke. I was told the worst case scenario would be that our daughter , Chloe, would not make it. I told the doctor that it was in God’s hands. I felt strongly that she would be ok. I knew that the God I served would not put more on me than I could bear. I was sent to antepartum to await my due date. The next day my world changed forever. Chloe was born and passed away an hour after birth. I was so ashamed and didn’t want to share my story with anyone. I couldn’t believe that God could take away my little girl. My sister-in -law was pregnant as well and we were due just weeks apart. I had to say goodbye to my daughter and grieve as well as find the strength to embrace my sister-in-law’s growing belly. Chloe had brought our family closer and stronger than ever before. Because of Chloe I will never be the same and I proud of the strength she helped me to discover.

-Connect with Tiffany- 

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